It’s a virtual tradeshow, which can run either permanently or for a set period of time.  The platform allows for different stand packages, visitor-to-exhibitor communication, product images and video.

Why is it needed?

There are 2 main reasons why this platform is desirable.

Scenario 1: In times of covid-19 and lockdown, there are restrictions that prevent large tradeshows from taking place. The limit on the number of people allowed in the venue can make a tradeshow economically unviable. In addition, many people are reluctant to be in a crowded space such as a busy tradeshow. An online tradeshow can run in place of (or alongside a smaller version of) a live tradeshow.

Scenario 2: Many small businesses either have no website, or have one that attracts little traffic. An online tradeshow gives them the exposure they are looking for, as well as increasing the search engine ranking of their own site should they have one.

Target Market

The Showcase Online platform appeals to the same audience as regular “real life” tradeshows. 

This varies from industry sector expos, to Christmas Markets, B2B expos and  supplier/retailer tradeshows for wholesalers.

How does it work?

The landing page shows a floorplan with exhibitor names or logos. Clicking on a stand takes the visitor to the exhibitor’s webpage. This page shows product images and information, allows for info-pack downloads, and includes several ways to contact the exhibitor to place an order or ask a question. Depending on the package the exhibitor has selected, the page can include video clips, and even virtual meeting options.

CEO Caro Morgan says “Crucially, the system runs in any browser, desktop or mobile – there is nothing to install or download. Ease of use is a fundamental principle.”

Additional features

  • As per real-life tradeshows, add-on packages are available for a stand which allow for more product images, embedded video, document downloads, etc.
  • Discount/Special Days, where exhibitors can offer incentives to buy.
  • Exhibitors with new product launches can be highlighted.
  • Advertising material for the show will be supplied to exhibitors to be shared to their potential buyers and on social media
  • Photographers and videographers for product images can be arranged at a fee

Contact us on info@showcaseit.online for more info or view a demo here.

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